UBCD & WD DLG hard drive diagnosis

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UBCD & WD DLG hard drive diagnosis

#1 Post by whismerhill » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:57 pm

I wanted to report something though I'm not sure whether or not I'm in the right part of the forum and I'm not sure how relevant that information is

I'm a long time tech support, recently had an issue with a hard drive which emits a clicking sound definitely not right,
Anyways, this problem delays a lot of actions from being completed on the computer (makes apps hang nearly forever but some stuff can still run (I still managed to do a full backup of the problematic hard drive with microsoft synctoys under windows 7 for example, though the OS is on another drive)

That's just to set the background

now the "issue" is that UBCD won't let me access WD DLG in any way, it just hangs forever & ever (let it try to complete for more than 1 hour but it won't finish loading apparently)

on the other hand the same usb drive reformatted with only WD DLG for DOS & rufus with freedos, works after like 3~ minutes

Feels to me like there is too many hard drive checks or something.... not sure.

have a nice day.

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