UBCD problems

Try looking for help here if you are having problems with the latest beta of Ultimate Boot CD.

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UBCD problems

#1 Post by fcvpi99 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 8:20 am

so i asked this already but someone deleted it so il post it again

so computers dont boot off CD/DVD drives anymore so how do you use this in 2022??? none of the bootable USB drive software's will even seen the UBCD.iso ... so you cant boot from rom drive and you cant put it on a USB can anybody help?? i dont know why they dont just chage the files over to work on USB not a DVD since UBCD is bigger then a CD now

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Re: UBCD problems

#2 Post by Blizwar2 » Wed Nov 09, 2022 7:38 am

  • Secondary Machine:
    Download Rufus
    Use Rufus to burn ISO file to USB Disk
Primary/Target Machine:

  • If Windows and you want to be able to return to windows later: Get/write down Bit Locker Key if using. (CMD - Elevated: manage-bde).
    Disable drive encryption

    Restart PC
    Insert USB
    Go into BIOS during Boot by pressing f2 or f10 or f12 or esc; depending on the manufacturer
    Disable secureboot
    disable bitlocker
    enable legacy boot
Bios/boot manager should see the USB stick as a bootable object.

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