Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD
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Forums/Mailing Lists

To report bugs, obtain support or suggest free tools for the Ultimate Boot CD, please use our web forums.

To be notified of new release of the Ultimate Boot CD, please subscribe to our mailing list. This is a low volume, moderated mailing list, so you can be sure that you won't be getting any spam or such rubbish by subscribing.

Finally, if you really really wish to shower lavish praises upon the author, you can drop him an email at

Historical notes

When the Ultimate Boot CD project first started in July 2003, it made use of a single mailing list hosted by Yahoo Groups.

Then in April 2004, we migrated to SourceForge, and the single mailing list was split into three: ubcd-announce, ubcd-support and ubcd-suggestions.

Now in March 2005, we are migrating again! I am moving ubcd-support and ubcd-suggestions to web-based forums (phpBB). The push to do so originates from my observation that web-based forums seems to capture some kind of knowledge base better than the mailing list plus archival mechanism.

Finally, if you are interested in browsing the mailing list archives on SourceForge, you can still access them here.