Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Which operating system does Ultimate Boot CD run on?

Question:  What is an ISO image file?

Question:  How do I create the Ultimate Boot CD from the ISO image file?

Question:  I inserted Ultimate Boot CD into my CDROM drive and rebooted the computer. The reboot was as usual and no text-based menu was displayed. Have I done anything wrong?

Question:  The Ultimate Boot CD just refuses to boot from the CDROM drive, despite the fact that I have double, no, triple checked my BIOS settings. What else could be wrong?

Question:  How does one move around in this CD? If I choose to run AIDA16 and afterwards want to go back to the "Screenshot" that you show on your web page, how do I do this?

Question:  Does the Ultimate Boot CD include FDISK?

Question:  I have created the Ultimate Boot CD as per your instructions. When I run it, the selection screen appears as expected but I have no way of selecting the options. Neither my keyboard nor my mouse are operative on the screen. Can you advise me?

Question:  Is it possible to fill up the rest of the CD with other software?

Question:  My computer does not have the option of booting from CD in the BIOS. How can I use the Ultimate Boot CD?

Question:  Can I boot Ultimate Boot CD from a USB stick?

Question:  I have a new Opteron system and it seems to have problems with your Ultimate Boot CD. I can boot the Windows XP setup CD, and the UBCD CD I made boots in a Pentium box, but it won't boot in my new Opteron box. Is there any way to debug what is going wrong?

Question:  I was getting a bunch of "non-system disk or disk error" messages when I was trying to boot certain DOS floppy images. What's wrong?

Question:  Where do I get disk images > 2.88MB?

Question:  Is there any way to convert WinImage IMA files to compatible IMG files?

Question:  Is there any other software to create an IMG file from 1.44 MBfloppy and then convert it to 2.88MB format, then add more files?

Question:  Question: My software consists of 6 floppy boot disks, which I am trying to add to UBCD. How can I do it?

Question:  Can someone confirm for me that all software included on the ubcd as distributed is freeware/shareware/licensed for use by anyone who owns the relevant hardware? I need something like a licence to cover myself before I download it for use at work.

Question:  Would it be possible to create a password or login script before the main menu appears? This would add a bit of security to the Ultimate Boot CD.

Question:  Your work is being stolen and sold on EBay!

Question:  Help! Norton Antivirus identifies WIPECMOS.COM as a virus (Hacktool)!

Question:  Can I run a different DOS program without rebooting?

Question:  Why did you remove Bart's Network Boot Disk in UBCD V3.0?

Question:  I created a MS-DOS startup disk using Windows XP, but it hang while booting with memdisk. What's wrong?

Question:  How can I enter debug mode so I can refer to the exact offending lines when experiencing problems with FreeDOS or NwDsk?

Question:  How can I access my SATA HDD from the UBCD?

Question:  Where do I get more information about the menu syntax?