Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD
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Burning the Ultimate Boot CD ISO to a CD with Nero SmartStart and Nero Express 6

Contributed by Darren Jones

So, you've found the UBCD site, and downloaded the file (either ZIP or .EXE), and ended up with a large ISO file..... Now you need to burn it to a CD. This guide will show you how to do that, step by step, using Nero - in the screenshots I've used Nero 6.3.

Firstly, launch Nero SmartStart - this should be in your Start Menu under "Programs". It should look something like this below:

Next, select the "Copy and Backup" icon in the top rom - it's the 5th one along, with the two CDs and little safe.

From this, we want the "Burn Image to Disc" option - click it, and Nero Express will start. You'll see two new windows appear. At the rear will be Nero Express, but as it knows you want to burn a CD from an image file, it will also open up a file selector window, which will allow you to choose the ISO file you've extracted - it will look like the window below.

Here, you can see that Nero Express is looking in the "My Documents" folder, and looking for "All Nero compilations and images". We need to change this, so click on the down arrow to the right of the "All Nero compilations and images" text, and you'll see something like the window shown below, with all the file types that Nero can use.

We want to select "Image files (*.nrg, *.iso, *.cue)", so click on that.

Next, you need to navigate to wherever you extracted the ISO file to - this could be anywhere on your hard drive - only you will know where it ended up! Once you've navigated there, you should see something like the window shown below.

Here, I've selected "Ultimate Boot CD v2.4.iso". You may find that the ".iso" isn't shown on your system - it depends on how you have it set up; personally I would recommend that you get Windows Explorer to show you file extensions (such as .iso) as it makes it easier to see what's going on with your system, but that's a different subject. Click "Open", and Nero Express will show a window similar to the one below, showing the image ready to burn, and the CD writer that you're going to use.

Now click "Next", and Nero Express will start the burning process - you'll see a window similar to the one below.

Once Nero has finished, you'll have a bootable CD, and you can start using the UBCD!

This can be used to burn any "ISO" image file that you have, although the contents of ISO files can vary greatly (not all are Windows-compatible, and not all are bootable).